What Exactly Is MVC?

This is an introduction of what MVC is and why it is so used in our industry Created by leo J. Barnuevo on Jun 22, 2021

The MVC acronym is used to refer to a design pattern called model-view-controller. This design pattern is employed to various degrees in a variety of languages and frameworks, so what makes .NET MVC different?

ASP.NET MVC is a framework for building powerful web applications that applies the general model-view-controller design pattern to the ASP.NET development platform. It’s also a means of agile development, a central part of the ASP.NET platform, and a replacement for the outdated and slow Web Forms. With .NET Core, the MVC framework goes a step further, adding to it the ability to incorporate RESTful API development as well.

So you see, .NET MVC is so much more than just a design pattern. As you progress through the rest of this course, you’ll begin to gain an understanding of just what .NET MVC has to offer, and the power and flexibility it provides you as a .NET developer.

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